The Method

The Inspired Life Method
Before you begin this process, you must feel deeply and sincerely in your heart that you want to make a change in your life. If you treat this merely as an exercise, it will still have an effect, but the reality is that this method is here for people who really want to make a change. You must be able to loudly affirm, with sincerity, the following:








Once you are clear with yourself that you want to make a transformation, you can take the following steps.


  • Write down a one page description of your dream life. What would you be doing if you had $10 million (with the sole condition that you must be of service to humanity – no sitting around the pool, well, maybe a bit, but…). What would your life look like? What would be your job, how would your days look?


Bear in mind this is not written in stone. It can change every day, just make revisions as circumstances in your life change. One year you may want to travel, another year you may want to settle down and have kids. Life is always changing.


  • Make an Action List. This should include three major goals, three people to talk to, and three actionable items. This should be checked and revised anywher from on a daily to weekly basis.


  • Practice Divine Light Meditation. Two times per day, for about 20 minutes, sit quietly, turn off the phone, close off all distractions. Visualize a golf-ball sized ball of brilliant white light in the center of your brain which slowly expands to encompass and permeate your entire body and being. The mind will wander, but keep practicing the meditation.


  • Practice Right Thought. We are all carrying negative experiences, traumas, blocks and frustrations. When you catch yourself on a stuck pattern or negative thought, transform it into a an affirmation, prayer or positive thought. Examples: “I am so frustrated, I don’t have money,” becomes, “I am abundant and all my financial needs are met.”


Through these simple practices, you will quickly see your life start to transform. If you practice these items as described, I guarantee within weeks you will start to see very positive changes in your life and will feel that you are moving in the right direction.


You are now ready to take action and start approaching the items on your Action List. There are plenty of courses available on being organized and productive, so it’s up to you to be self-disciplined and start working towards your goals.   However, here you have the process to get you pointed in the right direction.

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