…something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time

…a visionary creation of the imagination 

…something notable for its beauty, excellence, or enjoyable quality

…a strongly desired goal or purpose

.something that fully satisfies a wish 

The planet does not need more ‘successful people’. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds. It needs people to live well in their places. It needs people with moral courage willing to join the struggle to make the world habitable and humane and these qualities have little to do with success as our culture [defines it].

– David Orr, Earth in Mind


Recently, in Bali, Indonesia, I met some young travelers in their early 20’s as they were checking-in to a hostel where I was working. When I asked them what they do for a living, they replied, “We are travelers.” I was a bit startled and my initial mental reaction was, “What? Don’t you have a real job?”

It took another moment of reflection to realize my negative social programming and conditioning. What was wrong with that, after all? These people are young and have plenty of time to go out and earn money if they have to. But why would I even have a critical thought in the first place? Why would I seek to analyze their character based on their career achievements or their job? Why wasn’t it okay for them to be “travelers” and do the work of enriching themselves and the world through experiencing different cultures, by gaining valuable life experience, and cultivating their personal freedom and self-expression. They had recently spent a year working in Australia on the Working Holiday Visa for people under 30, and were now on to their way to next destination. They had cash in hand and were as happy as could be.

The history of modern society is not one of personal empowerment. Wars and corruption have controlled the masses of society for thousands of years. If you are reading this book, you are blessed to be living at a rare time in human history. There is a giant shift taking place in the world, where smart, intelligent, cultured people are beginning to question the bonds of corporate capitalism and seek out a life with true purpose.

Prior generations, burdened by the extreme poverty imposed by social hierarchies of the aristocracy, were concerned primarily with carving out their basic survival. They’ve done a great job, to the point where our modern society has lost its soul to the production and consumption process. Fortunately, we are evolving to the next level. We are in the midst of a generational shift in values. People are starting to understand and believe that is isn’t wealth or consumption that makes them happy, but PURPOSE!!

I believe that every human being is born into this world with a unique gift…a DIVINE PURPOSE…a GIFT that they are meant to share with this world. This is the reason you came here. Until you awaken to that purpose and bring it into full expression in the world, you will have a constant nagging sense of lack of fulfillment. A sense of inertia. When you do find this purpose, you will find that magical things happen in your life, beyond anything you could have imagined.

This book is a guide to help people discover and bring that divine gift into being. Is is the discovery and manifestation of who you really are in the world.

In contrast to my friends the travelers, I recently did an internship interview with a young woman, also in her 20’s, who had recently completed her bachelor’s degree and spent a year in Africa doing volunteer work. She had returned home to stay with her parents in New Hampshire and was feeling stumped with finding a job. She was interested in living abroad and working with a non-profit organization doing charitable work, but the organizations she was looking at, like the Red Cross and the United Nations, had steep experience and educational requirements. She felt stuck as to where to turn next and seemed surprised and relieved when I suggested that there are alternatives to the corporate NGO track. I mentioned that she probably wasn’t ready for that type of position anyways and that she would benefit by doing some more volunteering and traveling. I referred her to a couple of travel/work exchange websites, English teaching opportunities, as well as the New Zealand and Australia Working Holiday Visa program, which she hadn’t heard of. I reassured her that a career job will open up for her in the future when the time is right. I gave her the example of a friend of mine who was a wandering gypsy all through her 20’s and never finished college and now in her 40’s is a highly paid Silicon Valley executive.

Even though she was on another continent on the other end of Skype call, I could feel the applicant’s tremendous relief and enthusiasm as she was freed from the mental burden of having to find her way into 9 to 5 corporate office job right away. It was as if just a few words of encouragement from me gave her permission to be herself and to enjoy her life as it unfolds. I told her about my new friends the travelers, as well. It amazing to the see the positive responses from people in their 20’s, anxious about their future success and well-being, when you reassure them that they can actually be happy and successful doing what it is they want, and that things will work out just fine. In fact, there is no other way to end up happy.

Every person understands life in their own way. We each have our own totally unique life experience and purpose. Like snowflakes, no two people are identical. It would contradict the purpose of this book for me to propose that my method will fulfill everything for you. Life has its ups and down, its challenges, its storms and its sunny days. There will be good times and bad. Nothing can and should change that. It is the nature of life.

However, on the whole, there is no reason our life cannot be filled with satisfying and rewarding experiences, including doing work that is inspiring and fulfilling. This book offers the opportunity to get yourself pointing in the right direction. To remind you of something that you might have not been taught, or that you might have forgotten: we have the power of CHOICE. We have the power to choose our own destiny. We are only victims of circumstance if we choose to be.

This book is to help you put together pieces, most of which you already have within yourself, to start the process of creating your dream life.

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